No Plans, No Money, No Problem

On Sunday I stop making money and start spending again. I stop having the same schedule everyday and start having no plan. I’ll have to start paying for a place to stay, food to eat and plane tickets will soon follow. That just means I’ll be in the move again and I can’t wait.

My work asked me to stay longer. They’d give me a raise and give me a new fancy title. I told my traveling friends with a little bit of drool hanging out of my mouth from the idea of more money spinning around in my head. They all were so excited for me. They saw it as the dream, I had a job that would sponsor me to extend my visa, I could make more money, and stay for the winter season. In their eyes, and mine for a second, it all seemed sorted.

I woke up today and immediately remembered that I’m not in New Zealand to be promoted at a pizza place. I’m here to explore, learn, and travel, not make money.

Money almost trapped me. The want for more, always, never having enough. I told myself I didn’t need anymore money. I’ve never heard that before. I always thought you always need more. I could always use more of course but at the moment with the amount of money that I’ve saved up I’ll be able to survive until I need to go home. So I turned down more money because for the moment I’m fortunate enough to not need anymore.

So I decided to leave the temptation of staying and making money and instead to spend what I have until I can’t explore anymore. Next Sunday I’ll be gone from Wanaka and I didn’t think I’ll miss it but I will. I’ll miss coming home to my friends, having drinks after work and complaining about customers, I’ll miss free pizza of course and I’ll miss knowing what and who is around me. I made connections here that I didn’t think I was going to make. People are what makes a place so hard to leave.

I’ll miss these people and their laughs so much but at the moment what I miss more is my me time. I keep sighing in relief knowing I’ll be back into the mountains and rivers soon. I’ve been staring up at these snow capped peaks around me, seen where the river goes on the map and have just been waiting to go into the picturesque landscape. I’ll be back to having dinner on my stove alone, camping in my yellow tent, feeling that crisp air in me and waking up with the sun to the mountains.

I have no plans except one fishing spot I want to go to for five days. The days, weeks, months after that I have no plans. I have no flights or destinations to type into my calendar. Being in the working world again and having plans and days off I thought I needed one to go travel. I absolutely don’t and that’s an easy thing to forget. You don’t always need a plan. I didn’t have one before and I feel a lot more comfortable going into my next step with no plan.

I can’t wait to see where no plan takes me this time.




  1. Annie O'Shaughnessy · February 8, 2015

    Excellent plan.. to have no plan! I am quite partial to that plan myself. Bon voyage!


  2. Andy · February 10, 2015

    Yay Emma!


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