Where I’ll be for Six Weeks

A jumbled arrangement of updates on my now stagnant state. It’s so jumbled because as I settle into this new town I realize how much I miss my laptop and it had now become clear to me that editing on a phone is very frustrating.

My wake up time has been pushed back from a steady 6 am everyday, from when I was hiking, to a lazy and slow 9 am. My sleeping habits have been forced to change mainly because outside the world of my tent, purple sleeping bag and orange backpack it’s not normal to go to bed once the sun sets. Also the sun has begun to set late, 9:45 ish. Outside of my yellow tent, now in a world of night owls, people consider going to bed at 1am early. I feel like and old woman. I want to go to bed when people are just starting. Starting to make dinners, get dressed for the evening all around 9pm. I usually want to retreat to my tent and go to bed and wake up with the sun. To go to bed early and without judgement. I’m in a new chapter where I won’t be reunited with my tent for at least another six weeks. So I’ll have to reajust, also the sun is setting later and later. Last night at 10pm the sun was gone but it still faintly lit the dark sky. There will be some long days ahead of me.

I’m living in a beautiful hostel/lodge that is owned by two women. One has a one year old little dude and the other woman is older, about 60-70 years old. The hostel is in the small town Wanaka. A town that after one afternoon of looking around I knew where pretty much all the important things were. The hostel is at the top of one of the streets then you turn right. The information center doesn’t give you a bigger description then this except they add a few directional and gestures to point you in the correct direction.

The hostel has gardens, vegetables and herbs to eat and has wooden walls that nestle me in nostalgic memories of cabins from my childhood in Vermont. There’s no tv, no unlimited wifi and really big community spaces. Sometimes though I do just want to curl up in front a tv and watch the third Lord of the Rings.

My room has a glass door that opens to a balcony. A wooden deck and then a small grass stretch. I have a roommate that always closes the curtains. I love them open. So that way the sun is my slow alarm clock, starting early and never giving up to get me out of bed. She’s pretty intimidating though, so I’ll pick my battles.

My sleeping routine had to break free from my tent life. My isolation had to be left behind too. At a lot of the hostels I walk with my head down, or podcasts playing through my earbuds and ate in peace and spent the rest of my day exploring. Sometimes, despite my efforts to keep to myself interesting people would spark conversations with me and remind me the structure of socializing. Thank goodness they did too, because most of this people I’ll remember for a long time.

Here though. Here I stay for six weeks working in exchange for a bed to sleep in so I have to be a little but more social. It’s a bit hard to not talk to anyone when you live in a busy hostel for six weeks. During this trip I’ve met my introverted self and it’s great, I love not always needing to talk to people, not searching for a group to be part of at the hostel, I love introvert Emma. But being here for 6 weeks, having roommates that’s ill be with for six weeks, I have to find a balance. Have my introvert time and also be friendly. So far this little weirdo is doing alright with social interaction.

The hostel is beautiful, the people are nice and the town is great. It kind of reminds me of a Lake Placid, not quite the same because LP is one of a kind, but they share some similarities. There is a lot if people in spandex in both places. Road bikers and triathletes have found their home here. The beach on the lake is busy with local kids and high schooler, families and couples the lake, much like Mirror Lake, brings the community together. The best part is the mountains on the other side of the lake. They’re jagged and badass looking and still have a sprinkle of snow on their dark peaks. I love seeing snow in the mountains on hot days because it helps my baffled eyes gauge how big they really are.

So after I wake up late I start work at the hostel at 10 am. I start making beds. It’s ironic because I have never made my bed back home and now I was doing it as a job. I am the messiest person and am now working as a cleaner. I have grown a strong dislike for fitted sheets and top bunks, but other then that making a bed isn’t that hard. I still refuse to do it to my own bed though. I work at the hostel until 12 and then have the day to myself, when I job hunt again. This time though I’m not as rushed because I’m not spending money each night, I’m not seeing it disappear as quickly.

Six weeks if podcasts, making beds, and working. I think I can handle that.



  1. sondra yellen · December 9, 2014

    I love reading about your adventures. Keep them coming!


    • emmacyardley · December 9, 2014

      Thanks a lot! Hearing that people enjoy reading always means so much to me, thanks!


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