Job hunting and apartment searching has been consuming most all my time so writing has taken a back seat for the moment. I managed a quick short about where I am

Final destination has been met. I moved quickly, too quickly. My legs are yelling at me because they know we skipped some epic hikes on the way down South but I just remind them we’ll hit up the mountains on the way out.

I’m in Queenstown this rad little town-city. It’s as small or smaller the Burlington and has some big mountains cradling it, a bit like my second home Boulder. Also there is a street called Church St, a pedestrian street that is red bricked and leads to the lake front. The outdoorsy people come far and wide, wrapped in expensive wool for a night out, down jackets on warm days. We have our hippies, downhill mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers; all looking beautifully and familiarly stereotypical. As am I of course with Patagonia hiking attire turned chic street wear. Basically this feels like home. There is even a Starbucks to avoid, but their special Christmas drinks aren’t hot, they have an arrangement of frappuccinos to sooth your Christmas craving, peppermint yearning taste buds.

Tourists run wild through the notorious bar scene here. The night life complete with a famous burger joint that constantly has a tumor of humans on the sidewalk outside waiting to be fed and even more so in the late hours of night/early morning. I can’t afford these burgers but by looking at their thin patties, I’m not too impressed. But I hear they’re good. There are more Americans here then I’ve seen yet. They are loud, very loud, they seem to swear much more then any other nationality and do so loudly, rather then listen to what you’re saying they listen to see when they can jump in and they’re messy. Except for the three people I met that are from the North East, but I might be bias.

The mountains are gorgeous, as most mountains are, but these ones are especially mystical. Throughout the day they have clouds drifting on top of the and through their valleys, the sun highlighting their ridges. It’s never a blue sky and ridge line, it’s always beautifully complicated. The lake is very lake like. It’s is very very windy though, still air is something Queenstown lacks. The lake front has so many adventures to be done they have jet boat rides, guided fishing, parasailing, water jet things. The gentle lake and mountains cradle a adrenaline junkie town.

Queenstown is my favorite place so far. The streets look familiar, the people dress familiar and it’s all on the shore of a beautiful lake with some great mountains to look up at. Hopefully I can stay here for as long as I want but the backpacker-job-searchers are competitive here. A lot of people see how beautiful this place is. If I can’t stay here I’ll just retreat to the mountains.




One comment

  1. Andy · December 23, 2014

    Love your writing! “Tumor of humans”. Your description of queenstown – the feel of it, both the people and nature, is so great!


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