Rainy Welcome to Auckland

Willingly leaving a comfy bed, a beautiful home, home made blueberry muffins, fennel pork with roasted sweet potatoes, espresso machine and a personal tour guide is hard. Especially when I’m leaving all this luxury and volunteering myself to the life of a dirtbag where breakfast is oatmeal, and dinner is something thrown together on a small camp stove. I have been lucky enough to see a friendly face in Auckland and to have my inevitable dirtbag life postponed by staying at her beautiful family home. Clean clothes, clean Emma, great food and company; it’s been peaceful. Tomorrow I hop onto a bus to Thame to meet new people and go for some hikes and hang out with the ocean. I may be victim to the dirtbag life once I leave here but the forecast says it’s supposed to be sunny in Thame tomorrow.

My day in Auckland was rainy and surprisingly cold. On top of Mt. Eden the wind grew stronger and the rain heavier, I zipped my hood and shivered, then I realized I have lost my tough Vermonter skin; I get cold now. I put it together that I have now skipped a fair share of my Vermont winters and have begun to replace my once cherished puffy jackets for dresses and nano puffs. Here I am again unintentionally running away from the winter again. The rainy Spring here reminds me much of the post winter drizzles of Vermont but knowing it’s going to get warmer over the month and not colder is very comforting. Cheers, to another year of summer. Maybe I’m a warm weathered girl now. Anyways, as I struggled with a minor identity crisis on top of the grass covered volcano, Mt. Eden, I got to see where I was. Some of then buildings disappeared into the low hanging clouds but the expansive city showed it’s self. Ocean, ports, buildings, volcanoes. It was a totally new place. I got into my bus and ferry so tired the day before that I didn’t realize the plane took me somewhere, that I arrived in a new exciting place. It’s hard to see with eyes half tired and closed.

I visited the art museum where local and historic art was shone. I discovered that New Zealand has quite a history and it, like many other cultures history was expressed by some through art. I was reminded of what public transport is like and brutally reminded I did not grow up with public transport. I’ve used public transport many times on my travels but I don’t see it becoming a comfortable experience for me anytime soon. As one can imagine I tend to gaze too far beyond the bus window and often miss my correct stop due to my space filled head. That’s okay though because at the end of the day I made it home in one piece and with all of my belongings, no wallet left on any seats.

After the thrills of art museuming it was off to face natures wrath on Mt. Eden. The dormant volcano above the town proved it’s badass ways. Then we dropped into the small shopping area at the base of the hill. Bar time. Two in the afternoon but it was raining and I can legally drink now; nothing is holding me back. Also it helped the Elena, my friend here, was buying. Belgium beers were sipped beside a window covered in dew from our warm laughs and stories shared in the cold air. After we jogged to the shelter of our bus stop and waited, not minding the rain anymore. Jumping up and down the get warm. Smiling laughing. We got on the some what empty bus and sunk into the felt covered seats. Elena went off to do work and I off to figure out the world of buses and ferries for myself.

Now I’m laying in this comfy bed with free and limitless wifi and I can here the rain drops being blocked from the house. Dry and warm I sit. I’m willingly leaving it all. I won’t have a bed like this but the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow.



One comment

  1. andy · October 20, 2014

    Your adventure is so full already!!!


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