The Inspiration: Being 20

Being 20 years old in this time of the world is interesting. Interesting. I am entering a fluid world where one chunk of people say that you need to get your undergraduate degree without a doubt because once you have your undergrad then you can get your graduate and that means you can start making money. Another chunk of people say, “Learn from the world! You don’t even need a college degree!” To cultivate a liberal, open mind, follow a creative path and you will impress employers with your courage and confidence in not having a degree. Both chunks of people have convinced me both ways, depending on the day. Where do I stand in this fluctuating world? Where nothing is guaranteed anymore, where people get graduate degrees but not jobs, where people who didn’t go to college become billionaires. Well, I simply don’t know. I dont want to.

I often get overwhelmed with the chaos of the world. The news of around the world has become like a pack of lions in a zoo and I am just stuck on the other side, I can’t help them at all. I see the world happening around me but it’s not a world I’m part of anymore, just exhibits of the zoo that I pass by. Thats what my generation has grown up with. We have the world at our finger tips and often feel helpless. I am connected to headlines like, ” Texas Woman Executed For Starving Girlfriend’s Son to Death”, “New ISIS Video Features British Hostage, John Cantlie, as Spokesman”. It’s old news that the newspapers and morning shows are riddled with sad stories, but now more than ever we are connected to each small and big story through every medium. It’s become part of our lives. A constant influx of news;often news that is hard to hear.

Now lets think back three years, and look at how different the world is from three years ago. We have had North Korean missile threats, Boston Marathon bombing, Syria  civil war, George Zimmerman trial, along with endless other hate crimes and other wars. That’s just a few years and so much has happened. Those are the years when I personally have been trying to find my place in this world. It’s a lot to process. Hard to think about where its best for me to make my footprint, or even just how. There is so much going around me since the moment I stepped out of highschool that I can’t stop to just read news through my phone or computer screen. I need to see the news happening, be part of the news, to be part of this world; rather than taking a safe haven at a school for four years.

My trip to New Zealand isn’t going to change the world at all. That’s totally fine with me, and I see that one little girl’s bike trip across a practically crime free country won’t make a difference. Where does it lie with all my confusion, anxiety and inspiration from the world I live in? Well I’m going to go “be.” Listen to the world without screens (except blogging of course); listen to the stories of people who are also getting pushed around the bends and boulders of life. With my little three-months break from screens this summer I realized how much I need a break from seeing the world through other peoples’ stories and start writing my own.

I don’t see myself benefiting from sitting in one place for four years and learning about exactly what I want to learn about. I sure am not done learning. I am ready to give up my education plan to the world and let life write my lesson plans and course schedules. At least for the time being.


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