Closure in Prescott, AZ

Back I go. The the land where the sun cracks into the red desert floor, canyons carve through the landscape and where there is a town where old people retire, young people find their souls and climbers have a playground of rocks; Prescott, AZ. Second semester last year I decided Prescott College wasn’t for me. That I needed more then 400 people in my school and I needed a town that’s main attraction wasn’t “whiskey row”, even though I do love my whiskey, it also just hit me one day that I was in Arizona. I gave the foreign landscape, culture and community a try but at the end of the day I truly am from Vermont, the Green Mountain state. That is where my heart was and I was too far away from the green grass and the color changing leaves.

But I’m going back to say hello and goodbye. Prescott wasn’t for me but a lot of the people were. I met some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, also some of the most cliche people but hey they just helped create some laughter. In two years I’ve made friendships that I hope last for as long as I do. The students and staff are adventurous and creative and that is why I’m going to visit. To see my friends because they inspire me with each smile that bursts onto their cheeks. I can’t wait to see their happy faces and hear their contagious laughs, also the endless sunshine of the desert will be nice.

This trip is unique and makes my heart throb with fullness because it may be the last time I go. There won’t be many other times in my life when Prescott will draw me to come back. I love the people and I love them because they are such nomadic minded people. We will always have an opportunity to meet in another place. A place where smiles can’t leave our faces because of the open sky, the high granite walls, waterfalls. This is my bittersweet moment. One visit to say goodbye to the hideous yet gorgeous place that makes you feel stuck in the middle if the desert yet inspires you to see every part of the world. I have a connection with Prescott, Arizona, and strange enough that small town will have a place in my heart and memory forever.




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