A Home Away From Home

Here I am in Boulder again, where the people only wear Prana and the mountains naturally create the city limits. I flew into Denver and saw my brother, I thought I landed in the wrong place due to the unsettling amount of crop fields and severe lack of city, but turns out it’s just a drive away from the city; I landed in the right place. After waiting at the wrong terminal to get picked up for more then a comfortable amount of time And I came to the conclusion that maybe I was in the wrong part of the airport rather then Ben. I think I just convinced myself he was wrong because I didn’t want to lug my 50lb bag and my two other bags that hung off of me like extensions of my chaotic self oh and one oddly shaped, container that had a strap that was too short to wrap around me securely, fly rod. I moved down one floor and found Ben! I dropped off my bags in the trunk to relieve my reddened collarbones from my heavy bag. I sat down in the car and got swept with a wave of culture, even though I was just moving from a summer camp in Tahoe, but it was more of a culture shock then I got from Nepal. I suddenly had no schedule for each day, I could decide what I wanted to eat and could eat whenever I want, that I was going to be surrounded by more then 200 people; I was going to Phish, that night.

My heart swelled. I was on the first step of doing my big adventure this year, I was about to go see a band that always feels like a mobilized Vermont when I see them, and I was continuously seeing some if the most loved people in my life. I saw four of my closest friends from Vermont there, unplanned, just Phish happenings. I got to be with my friends for my first night in CO; what a way to be greeted to state that I’ve only been once before, I immediately felt like I was visiting home and not a state that was foreign to me. A home away from home was found.

After a week if admiring the beautiful rivers in Carbondale, and the endless freedom on Netflix I sent off to Boulder. Where I can’t describe the amount of love and open doors I
received. It was overwhelming to have a friend drive 7 hours to pick me up In Carbondale, to have the same friend buy a concert ticket for me, house me too, also to come and immediately meet up with someone who puts their whole day aside so they can eat breakfast and roam the farmers market with me. A home away from home.




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